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Universal Temple of Yoga is a nonprofit organization. It is founded by Himalayan master Guru Yogi Ramesh in Los Angeles, California in 1997. The purpose of this organization is to educate the public towards a spiritual awareness of Yoga for the modern society. To open a center, teaching how to prevent diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease & cancer. We teach Yoga of breath and Laughter for a stress free ,happy and healthy life. It is time to awaken the world of knowledge of yoga as a medicine for a healthy and happy divine life. We need your support to help children, adults and seniors. We are now located in Palm Springs, and would like to open a healing center in the desert.

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Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Yoga master Yogi Ramesh shows plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon the mind and body benefits of laughter yoga.

Cosmic chants for the peace of mind with Yogi Ramesh

Free Yoga Class


Join Guru Yogi Ramesh Pandey, a Living Himalayan Yoga Master, for the Ultimate healing experience of your life.

When you attend “Celebrate Life with Laughter” workshops you will experience a renewed sense of balance for Heart, Body, and Mind through a never before revealed 5,000 year old science of Self-Healing through Oxygen and Laughter Therapy.

Yogi Ramesh’s Oxygen and Laughter Therapy induces Mood-Enhancing Endorphins into the bloodstream, creating a feeling of happiness while suppressing stress-inducing chemicals in the body. Other benefits of this Therapy include: Improved overall Circulation—Increased Strength and Endurance—Balanced Metabolism—Immune System Enhancement—Total Inner Fitness—Deeper Restorative Sleep Patterns, and much more.

      Energize your body, energize your mind, and live a happier, healthier life through Oxygen and Laughter Therapy with Guru Yogi Ramesh!

420 So. Palm Canyon Dr. Ste# C, Palm Springs, CA -92262, USA

For More Info.
Seema Bajpai (Co-Founder/CEO)
Cell: +1-323-448-9369
Email: s.bajpai04@gmail.com  universalyoga@att.net

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